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ROGEE® -- Technology, Innovation, and Possibilities. If you need technical support for any of our products, please click the WorkOrder [Technical Support] button at the top right to proceed to our "Customer Support Center" where you can work with our team 24/7 via an online ticket system. For questions, suggestions, media inquiries, sales, or anything else, please visit our products websites or click here to contact us online. Headquartered in Lancaster, California, USA, we are also available by phone 1-800-360-0397 during business hours: Monday-Friday: 8-5, Pacific Standard Time. Click the links below to visit our family of websites.

No more hassling or haggling with a car salesperson. Negotiate your best price 24/7 with the computer.

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DealerSERVE - Content Management Solutions for Car Dealers and Manufacturers
DealerSERVE is the world's first open platform content management system for the automotive industry: websites, inventory distribution, OEM compliancy, internet marketing and much more.

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USA Auto Search - Perpetual Car Buyer Search Engine
"Car Buyers and Sellers Automatic Internet Search Engine"
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Staff Web Page - Because People Respond to People
Organize and present universal staff info and customer testimonials.

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Rogee CVM - Commercial Vehicles Manager
HollywoodSERVE - Content Management Solutions for the Entertainment Industry
HollywoodSERVE is a database-driven suite of online tools and content management solutions for the entertainment industry.

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Carnnect - Social group buying site for all things automotive
Carnnect is the ultimate social group buying site for all things automotive.

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iBizVo - Broadcast Your Business
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KoooDooo Web Analytics and Social Networking
KoooDooo Analytics helps businesses make informed decisions. KoooDooo social networking provide social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) solutions for businesses.

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School Rewards Program by ROGEE
Get FREE money for your favorite local schools shopping local businesses.

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Website Randy - I Can Help YOU.
Yes!!! I'm Website Randy. And I can help you with your website. Take control.

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ThatPayment - Online Payment and Webstore
ThatPayment lets you shop and pay online quickly and securely. As a business, you can get paid by accepting consumer credit cards online. A built-in shopping cart lets you setup an e-store seamlessly.

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Rogee WorkOrder - Help Desk and Collatoration Tool
Rogee WorkOrder is a simple, powerful and easy to use web-based collaboration tool with generic Customer and Vendor Relationship Management features.

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TRC Domain Name Registration
Domain name registrations services via Godaddy Wild West. Get the domain name you need today.

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Automotive Gift Cards Network
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